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Featured Retailers

We are proud to partner with dozens of women entrepreneurs to provide our community with items and art that spark delight and inspiration. Come visit our retail space!

Featured Retailers

Paris, France

Cosmic Dealer

Monique Foy and Fati Nabil

Cosmic Dealer is an Ayurvedic-inspired wellness brand. The company was started in 2020 by Monique and Fati, two women entrepreneurs living in Paris who both love indulgent foods and flavors but also love being and feeling healthy. They relished the daily rituals of chocolate and tea, yet found themselves trapped in a spiral of sugar and caffeine. So they set out to make treats that are good for the body and mind, not just in the moment, but over the long term. With their delicious raw nut butter chocolates and organic teas, Cosmic Dealer’s award-winning products contain only the highest quality natural ingredients and are vegan. Monique and Fati believe in coming back to short, natural ingredient lists, using high-quality nourishing plants, and artisanal production methods. They scour the world to find the best ingredients, passionate artisans, and family-size ateliers who share their values and positive vibes. For instance, the ceremonial-grade cacao in their Intuition loose-leaf tea is single-origin, fair-trade sourced from the Dominican Republic. Intuition also features intoxicating rose buds and petals as well as ginger, cinnamon and licorice. Welcome Goddess is proud to be the only distributor of Cosmic Dealer in Colorado! And honored to partner with two Goddesses so committed to global wellness and sisterhood.

Woman Holding Retail Item

Denver, Colorado

Eternal Balance Candles

Kimberlee Ward

Eternal Balance Candles are handmade with soy wax – which is non-toxic and doesn’t produce harmful byproducts like other waxes – and lots of love and intention. Kimberlee started making candles during a difficult period in her life. “I was suffering from depression and panic attacks, and not in an environment that was conducive to maintaining my physical and mental health, especially as a Black woman.” Seeking out ways to care for herself, Kimberlee started meditating. As she deepened her meditation practice, she began to incorporate candles. “The candles helped me feel calmer, and I grew passionate about helping others experience the same kind of relief and comfort.” With Eternal Balance Candles, Kimberlee wants to help people learn how they can relax their mind and body with intentional spaces and candle aromas. “Candles are one of the simplest ways to switch your day from stressful to calming, and to get the rest you deserve!” Authentic and vulnerable, Kimberlee feels it is important to share her journey because of the stigma depression continues to carry in today’s society. “This business blossomed from me learning how to own my depression and have some agency in addressing it.”

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